The town of Framingham, Massachusetts was settled in 1650 by John Stone, but wasn’t incorporated until a year after the passing of Thomas Danforth, a large land grant owner who did not want the town to incorporate. In the years before the American Civil War, Framingham was a haven for Abolitionists, and an annual rally was held each year on Independence Day.

The Framingham car accident attorneys at Krasnow, Keller, & Boris are dedicated to fighting for the rights of each and every client we represent. We work hard to help you deal with the aftermath of accidents that rob victims of mobility, time, money, and sadly – sometimes life. Our Framingham injury lawyers work with those who have been hurt in various types of traffic accidents in Framingham including school bus accidents, bicycle accidents, trucking accidents, pedestrian accidents, and car accidents.

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Our attorneys review the facts and circumstances carefully in regards to your injury case. Our investigators thoroughly review the causes of your injuries and take a hard look at any parties who may be responsible. For example, the driver at fault in your case may have another insurance policy on the other vehicles in the household. Our attorneys can use this information as a means of recovering damages. If a missing street sign is to blame, it may indicate the City of Framingahm shares in the blame as well.

The Framingham personal injury and wrongful death attorneys at Krasnow, Keller, & Boris represent victims dealing with all types of serious and fatal accident and injury claims including:

  • Car Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Hit and Run
  • Bicycle Accidents

Our Framingham accident lawyers take a comprehensive approach to each injury case. We take our obligation to help the families and friends who entrust us with their well-being seriously. Every time we negotiate with an insurance company or face opposing counsel in the courtroom, we do so with your best interest at heart.

Contact the Framingham injury attorneys for a free case evaluation. There is no fee unless we are successful and earn the compensation you are entitled to.