Cases & Verdicts

Toddler Struck by Delivery Vehicle: $130,000

Type of Case – Boston Metrowest Negligence Attorneys – Failure to Observe Pedestrian Settlement – $130,000.00 History While visiting a strip mall, a two and half year old boy suddenly ran from his seven year old sister and onto a parking lot where a pizza delivery vehicle was backing out of a parking space. The child was struck by the car. We were able to demonstrate through depositions of witnesses and of the defendant operator that he never looked in his rear-view mirror before he placed his vehicle in reverse and backed up striking the child, knocking him over and causing the hot exhaust and muffler system to come in contact with his chest and neck. In addition to obtaining the full amount of the insurance policy from the automobile involved, an additional claim was made against the pizza shop owner for negligently employing the driver. The case settled for

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Alleged Back Injury

Type of Case – Massachusetts Maritime Personal Injury Case – Maritime Injury Attorneys Defense Verdict for Boat Owner History In this case the Firm represented the defendant who was the owner of a 95 foot commercial fishing trawler. The plaintiff who sued our client was an experienced commercial fisherman who worked as a deck hand aboard the vessel. The plaintiff alleged that the Captain ordered the three member crew to clean, break down and neatly pile a retrieved fishing net together with all of its associated gear. The combined weight of this net and gear was estimated to be 1,000 pounds. Plaintiff claimed that upon lifting the third section of the gear, he lost feeling in his legs and felt pain in his back. Sometime thereafter the plaintiff was diagnosed with a herniated disk in his lower back that necessitated surgery. The plaintiff complained that he could never go to

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