I was leaving the construction site after a day’s work and was struck by falling debris causing injury. Do I have a workman’s comp claim?

Workers’ compensation is a system of benefits used by states to compensate employees of private and government employers when they are injured at work. In the state of Massachusetts, the Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA) oversees the workers’ compensation system. Workers’ compensation insurance covers almost all employees in Massachusetts. To be compensable the injury must occur within the course and scope of the employment. Being injured by falling debris while leaving the constructions site, you would have a workman’s comp claim. You might also have a third party personal injury claim against whoever caused the debris to be falling, if it were dropped by someone other than your employer. You are entitled to file for workers compensation benefits if you suffer a work-related injury or illness, or are a dependent of a worker killed on the job. Employers are required to visibly display the name and address of its Workers’

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The extent of my injuries after a car accident only became clear after a few weeks. How long do I have in MA to claim injury after an accident?

The Massachusetts General Laws states that from the date of the accident there is a three year period to file a law suit in court (“statute of limitations) against the other driver and a two-year period in which to claim No Fault and Medical Payments benefits against your own insurance company. When the vehicles are both registered and insured in Massachusetts and there are personal injuries, each driver submits his or her initial claim to his or he own insurer under the MA No Fault Law. Depending on the type of health insurer you have, the No Fault Carrier is responsible to pay up to $8,000.00 per person for reasonable and necessary medical expenses and partial lost wages plus up the limits of any optional Medical Payments coverage for reasonable and necessary medical expenses. Again, the medical bills must be incurred within two years. However, the insurer can contest the

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