For property owners and landlords: what are the risks–either related to compliance or liability– of renting properties out through airbnb or other apps?

App Rentals: Easy—But Not in the Long Run The social media revolution has transformed all aspects of our society and economy. The app economy promises ease, convenience, and choice to consumers while seemingly offering independence, self-determination, and a steady source of income for users looking to do business in the digital age. But just because something is easy does not mean it is a good idea, especially not from a lawyer’s point of view. An app may be a great way to order takeout or shop for shoes. But it can be risky to stake large sums of money, the possibility of a lawsuit, or potential regulatory enforcement on a platform that provides you with little to no legal protections. Real estate—in particular leasing out properties as a landlord—is a prime example of a financial and legal obligation that cannot be easily or responsibly outsourced to a platform. If you

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